Programme Title: Fitness Bootcamp For Children


Fitness Bootcamps are conducted in 6-week blocks, consisting of a one-hour session weekly.

Who is it for?

Boys and Girls who want to keep fit and are in Junior Infants all the way to 6th class.

Programme Outline For 6 weeks

Each session begins with a dynamic warm-up. The main phase varies each week from week 1 to week 6. Each session concludes with static stretches and an aerobic cool-down.

  • Week 1: How fit are you?
  • Week 2: Speed, stamina and speed repeatability
  • Week 3: Balance, agility & co-ordination
  • Week 4: Circuit training and obstacle courses
  • Week 5: Relay, ladder races, throwing activities, weights and shapes
  • Week 6: Let’s mix it all up and see how fit you are!
The main focus on the development of the programme is on the physical growth, motor development, personal and social development of the children. Individual improvement rather than the first across the line or being the best is one of the key points in delivering the programme.

Running technique

Throughout the programme, we demonstrate and teach correct running technique, which can greatly benefit children who are actively involved in other team or individual sports. Children who participate in other sports, such as rugby, soccer & GAA, are often only shown the specific skills of that sport with little emphasis on running style or technique of the player. Poor running technique may reduce player performance and lead to long-term injury due to incorrect posture.


  • To promote enjoyment and a positive attitude towards Physical Activity and its life-long benefits
  • To encourage and lead children who are not participating in sports clubs to become involved in local clubs. We will provide contacts for children and contact local clubs.
  • To support teachers with advice and help on delivering exercise programmes within the school.
  • To help reduce obesity levels – 1 in 4 Irish children are deemed overweight.
  • To improve and develop various range-of-motion skills through different exercises delivered within the programme.
  • To develop personal qualities and promote social and intellectual development of a child.
  • To improve confidence and feel-good factor of children, especially those who show the greatest improvement over the 6-week period.