Discover the Joy of Movement

Fitness4Fun delivers tailored fitness programmes to groups of school children, and to groups of older adults. Each programme is delivered based on the needs and fitness level of the group. Everyone is included and all levels of fitness and mobility are catered for.

School Fitness Bootcamp

This program me is for boys and girls who want to keep fit and are in Junior Infants all the way to 6th class. We focus on the physical growth, motor development, personal and social development of the children. Individual improvement is encouraged and rewarded, rather than the focus being on the first across the line.

Schoolhall Athletics

We provide a full and comprehensive training plan to schools in Sportshall Athletics. This is a colourful fun programme of team athletics to chlidren from 3rd class and up. Sportshall provides the ideal format for developing core skills and fitness required for most other sports.

Older Adults

Regular exercise is important to the physical and mental health of older adults. It also reduces the risk of developing some age-related diseases and disabilities. At Fitness4Fun, we work to find new ways for you to remain physically active and stay independent as you age.

John Conroy

Fitness Coach
087 6666927


  • Great with Kids (Áine)
    John gave a fitness bootcamp for our 3rd and 4th class. The kids had great fun but they also learned a lot about health and fitness! It was great to see some of the less-sporty children getting involved.
  • Great Fun (Michael)
    I didn't know what to expect when I went along to one of John's sessions, but it was great fun. We had a good laugh and we enjoyed the games and exercises.
  • Older lady (Rose)
    I used to be fairly active until arthritis slowed me down. The exercises we've been doing with John have helped me get moving again - I might even get back to dancing a set one of these days!

photo of John Conroy